Leticia Valenzuela-Lopez Client Care Specialist


I have always loved how animals show you respect and unconditional love when you of course give it back! I learned this from a very young age learning to tend to the animals going to my Fathers family farm every year in Mexico. The passion started there and began to flourish, As I got older I started to work in connecting with the human behind the pet at my first animal hospital in 2016. I started really getting interested into the psychology part of dog training so I would go in my free time to learn some things from dog trainer Frank Ortiz, I then worked sometime in playcare at another animal hospital as well as managed in reception. I’m also blessed to have a son who takes on the same passion for animals as I do and have a very patient Partner in Life Brandon who loves all the dogs I bring home (we have five) whether it be for dog sitting a rescue or foster and when we aren’t working or spending time with animals it’s always about soccer we are either going to a pro fútbol match or watching our son Adrian play!