Ashleigh McClure Client Care Representative

Ashleigh at Mills Animal Hospital

After graduating early from high school, Ashleigh began to travel and search for her place in this world. She wanted somewhere that she could make an impact. Being a mother of three, making her children proud is so important. So not only teaching them about compassion towards animals, but also the humans that come along with them, is priority.

Learning the reception aspect of the veterinary industry was very important to her and just seemed right. Ashleigh believes that empathy for animal goes a long way, but also extends to helping the humans that come along with them. She loves being one of the first faces a client sees when they enter into the clinic, letting them know that she is here for them and will do anything she can to help them.

In Ashleigh’s free time, she loves to spend time with her kids, going fishing, playing video games, shopping and enjoying her 2 Fur Babies.